Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Glass teapot ornament from Joann

I know, I know. I don't like to rush the holidays either, but here's the thing: if you don't shop for Christmas decorations now, the good stuff will be gone by the time December rolls around!

And so I bought a lovely new ornament at Joann last week. It was $14.99, which is high by Joann standards, but with my 40-percent-off coupon (thank you, iPhone app), it was only $8.99. And this ornament is rather large, about 3 inches by 4-1/2 inches, so there's that.

The details are very nice, including the color of the "tea" as seen in the spout. My store here in Newnan had three of the ornaments, so after I bought one, there were two left. The cashier who rang me up asked if any were left because she wanted to get one for a friend, so I'm guessing these will disappear fast. (And as always, please holler if you come across cute teapot or teacup ornaments this year!)


  1. Your teapot is adorable! Isn't it lovely when we find something so sweet and then we get it at a discount? Enjoy!

  2. Very pretty! Yes, I'm sure those will go fast. I "might" get to JoAnn on Saturday, as I'll be in Chattanooga for a Friday night wedding.

  3. Got it, thank you! They only had two in stock. Now through the weekend 50% off plus additional 25% Thanks again!


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