Friday, July 21, 2017

Thrifty housewives

Today it's almost trendy to be "thrifty," and a few years ago, I began to see women write on their blogs about going "thrifting," which was their way of describing a shopping trip to their local thrift stores. But I found a video on the Library of Congress website that reminded me that being "thrifty" was once very much a necessity.

The video is titled "Food Thrift: Scraps from the Past," and in it, narrator Constance Carter shares some of the clever ways that housewives of yesteryear managed to feed their families during hard times. I was especially intrigued by the substitutions for tea, and if you click on the video here, around the 10:30 mark, you'll find out what some of these were!

(And for my fellow history lovers, you can also find a link to the transcript here.)


  1. Fascinating! I do remember how thrifty my mother was. Everytime she took butter out of the paper she made sure to clean all the butter off the paper with a knife. I also remember dandelion coffee. And my mother and sister would hand used teabags on the clothes line to dry and then reuse them another day.

  2. I think today's young people need to be reminded - everything is so disposable now -
    there's waste that would make my grandparents cry.

    My mom always saved soap scraps - hundreds of them, then would melt them all down, add more scent and form her own "soap balls." My mom was more a crafty DIYer then thrifty, but I remember thinking how cool that was.

    Thanks for this post.

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