Friday, July 28, 2017

Experiments in tea-shaped candies

Well, friends, I finally got around to trying the new chocolate mold I recently purchased, and I'm happy to report I give myself a solid B+ for my first effort! I melted the new Sea Salt Caramel candy melts (from Hobby Lobby), quickly poured the liquid into the cavities of the mold, and when I checked on them later in the afternoon, they popped out quite nicely. I do see what are probably "air pockets" (see the teapot and the teacup at bottom), so perhaps I need to jiggle the mold next time as they tell you to do with cake batter sometimes.

I did wonder how hard it would be to clean the mold, but as you can see, there's no candy left behind, just the bits on the back from where I tried to level out the melted candy once I poured it in. The mold washed absolutely clean in just seconds, so I'm quite happy with this new chocolate mold!


  1. So cute! It's been a while since I made candy with molds, but I do remember having to hit the filled mold on the counter a couple of times to bring air bubbles up. It's easier to do with a rigid mold but it would probably still be a good idea.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Joy. Will try that on the next batch, which I'll be trying soon!

  2. Good job, well done!!! Look yummy too!

  3. They look lovely. Just eat the ones with bubble instead of putting them out for company. I mean, it's quality control!

  4. I have this same silsicom mould for my daughter. she uses this to make her cookies and have them at tea time with her bears.

  5. Cute. Tap the mold on the kitchen counter and that should take care of the air bubbles.


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