Friday, June 30, 2017

A saucer from Miss Ellie

There are worse things I could be known for than my love of dishes, I suppose. Not long ago, I was sitting in the early morning service at church when one of our sweet older ladies, Miss Ellie, passed along a ziplock bag with something wrapped in tissue. It was this lusterware saucer, and she wanted me to have it, she said. Since she is in her nineties, I think it's safe to assume this piece is quite vintage!

I told her I was thrilled to receive this piece of lusterware, and that now brings my "collection" up to exactly three pieces. "Lusterware" is the name for this pottery with an iridescent metallic sheen, and I love to hold it up in the light and see the pink design turn into almost a coppery looking finish.

My other two pieces are a cup and saucer I found at an antique mall in Asheville, North Carolina ten years ago. I think lusterware is gorgeous and have even considered collecting it a time or two, but it's a pricey thing to collect, and my cup already runneth over, collecting-wise. Instead, I was surprised by a saucer from a dear friend, and I'm happy to think my small collection is now complete. Do any of you collect lusterware? If so, I'd love to hear about your collection!


  1. Unexpected gifts are the best. They are given with joy and love.

    I have some green Prussian lusterware. I find it by accident and the most I've ever paid was $1.50. My husband's family is Prussian, so in a way I feel I'm collecting family history for our sons.

  2. That's a lovely saucer. How thoughtful of Miss Ellie.

  3. Beautiful pieces!I have two different teacups in lusterware that I appreciate a lot.I post them in my blog this year,if you want to see...Hugs!Maristella.

  4. I don't collect it, but everytime I see some I am tempted. Like you I have plenty of collections. Yours are beautiful and how sweet to be gifted this saucer.

  5. How pretty, and what a sweet gift. I don't collect it either but do have one cup and saucer that was given to me by a friend.


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