Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Twinings Citrus Twist Cold Brewed Iced Tea

Hot tea one day, iced tea the next. Welcome to fall in Georgia! I thought I was officially through with iced tea for the year, but then we had a few days of temps near the eighties, and I decided I hadn't had my last iced tea this year after all. And of course we can buy (or make) iced tea all year round, but I found a new-to-me iced tea from Twinings at Ollie's  Bargain Outlet the other day and decided to give it a try.

What intrigued me most about this particular blend is that it claimed it would cold brew a glass of iced tea in just five minutes. Now I'm no stranger to cold brewed iced tea, but I've always allowed mine to cold brew for several hours, if not all night long. I am happy to report that this tea does indeed brew in the fridge, in cold water, in just five minutes! It's what I consider a classic lemony iced tea taste, and I can think of times when that would be just the thing I'd reach for in warm weather. Each tea bag makes one single eight-ounce serving, so if you're like me and fairly promiscuous in your tea drinking (which is to say, you like to play the field and won't commit to just one tea), these single-serve tea bags for iced tea are just the thing!


  1. Interesting - I would have expected a cold brew to take longer, too. I just usually make hot tea in 2/3 of my Tervis tumbler and then add ice - but that's because I have access to hot water from the coffeemaker and ice from the ice machine at work. At home, this would be a nice change!

  2. I am guessing the tea must have been like an instant tea in the bag in order to cold brew so quickly. Not my cup of tea.

  3. I had a box of this back in the summer. Marilyn is correct that it has instant tea in it. My husband enjoyed this tea. I'll have to check Ollies. Thanks for the heads up.


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