Friday, October 16, 2015

Some delightful new teas from Good Earth

The Good Earth tea company recently sent me some samples of tea, and oh, have I been having fun exploring the six new flavors! Today, I wanted to tell you about the first three I've had time to try because I so enjoyed each and every one of them!

This Cocoa Tango Black Tea was a particularly lovely surprise. Many of the chocolate teas I've tried have such weak, wimpy chocolate flavor that they're not worth the bother, but this Cocoa Tango tea had a rich, thick, chocolatey flavor. I really felt that I'd sipped something chocolate with this tea, and I'm intrigued that some of the flavor comes from chili peppers. I didn't find it too peppery at all, and I found it quite sufficiently chocolatey, so that's a win!

Sweet and Spicy Herbal and Black Tea, I learned, has been around for years, but it's the first time I've tried it. When I opened it, I got a whiff of something that reminded me of red hot cinnamon candies, and that's exactly what it tasted like. And oh, was that good on a cool fall afternoon!

Matcha Maker Green Tea was the only one I was worried about. I'll drink matcha, but it's not my favorite. This orange-flavored one, however was delightful and reminded me of Orange Creamsicles. Have you had Good Earth teas before? If so, what's your favorite?


  1. Good Earth Sweet and Spicy has been one of my favorites for several years, but I have not tried the others yet. Glad to hear you liked them.

  2. This is a new brand to me, I always enjoy your honest reviews.

  3. I haven't seen Good Earth packaged like this. I use to drink Good Earth many years ago. The first one with chocolate sounds intriguing.

  4. I've had the sweet and spicy before. Looks like they may have changed their packaging since I last tried this tea.


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