Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lipton Tea & Honey with Strawberry Guava flavor

It's been so hot this week, I have been going through the iced tea around here. Already this week, my fridge has been home to multiple pitchers of both plain, unsweetened black tea and a nice herbal peppermint tea. When I was at the grocery store, it occurred to me that I hadn't looked for any new flavors of iced tea mixes lately, so I was happy to come across this new one.

It's the Lipton Tea & Honey Liquid Iced Black Tea Mix in the Strawberry Guava flavor. What really appeals to me about these little squirt bottles is that I don't have to commit to making an entire pitcher of iced tea (that peppermint got old pretty fast) and can have a single glass whenever I like.

At just 10 calories a serving, this tea is a guilt-free treat, and I truly tasted the strawberry in this Strawberry Guava flavor. Are you drinking more iced tea this summer? Got any recommendations?


  1. I find that generally the teas that I enjoy hit are also delicious iced. Since I have access at work to both "instant" boiling water (on the coffeemaker) and an ice machine, I usually brew a large thermal glass slightly more than half full of hot tea, then add my Stevia and fill with ice. Yum!

  2. I have never in my life heard of liquid iced tea mixes. Well, I'll be darned. Leave it to our Ang to fill us in!
    Thank you so much for this recommendation! And yes, def iced tea drinking around here. Hot humid rain-forest weather to be sure.


  3. Have you tried Twinings Cold Brew ice tea? I tried the peach and classic breakfast, very good!

  4. I must take a stroll down that aisle. I love a fresh brewed tea with fresh lemon and lots of ice! Try to stay away from the sugars - but love them!

  5. Yes, iced tea is part of my summer. When I make a nice quality black or oolong in the mornings, I then resteep two more times for a large pitcher that I place in the refrigerator for the afternoon. Delicious way to use the higher end teas several more times.

  6. We always have a pitcher of sweet black tea (made with splenda) and unsweetened green tea in the fridge.


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