Thursday, July 23, 2015

Healthy green teas from Teavivre

Years ago, I interviewed a Yale researcher who had done some studies regarding green tea and cancer prevention and treatment. At the time, I didn't much care for green tea and told him so. He told me to drink it anyway because it was good for me. I've never forgotten his advice, so I was only too happy to accept some new green tea samples from Teavivre recently. The first one I tried was this Premium Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea. The dry leaf had a slightly floral fragrance.

Steeped, this tea's scent reminded me of steamed asparagus. I steeped the tea on the low end of the time range, just three minutes, and it didn't really have much of a taste. It seemed as if it *wanted* to be a broth-like tea, but perhaps I simply hadn't steeped it long enough. So, I tried steeping the tea again for about 4-1/2 minutes, and I liked it much better that time! The tea had a much richer, bolder taste, with no astringency, and I'm glad I gave it another try.

The other green tea I tried was this Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea. The dry leaf looked like miniature curls and smelled almost but not quite musky, and when I steeped the tea, I thought it smelled like buttered popcorn!

When I sipped this tea, it had a distinctive and rich green tea taste, bold and with just a bit of astringency after 4 minutes of steeping. I enjoyed it very much and even had some with my supper one evening.

And if you're curious about what the National Cancer Institute has to say about the benefits of drinking tea, click here and it may encourage you to drink more green tea yourself!


  1. I like green tea, although it is not my favorite, and I do need to remember to drink it more often.

  2. Oh, thanks for the heads up info! I only drink green tea at Asian restaurants, I seldom have them at home but need to - the health benefits are reason enough!

  3. Sounds like 2 nice green teas. Thanks for the review


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