Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #25 -- McDonald Tea Room (Gallatin, Missouri)

Some of you may recall that last year, my Saturday project was the sharing of recipes from old tea room cookbooks. One of the recipes I made, Strawberry Jam Cup Cakes, came from the cookbook of the McDonald Tea Room in Gallatin, Missouri. I've often seen black and white postcards of the tea room featuring an image from the cookbook, but I recently discovered this color postcard online and had to have it! The tea room interior is much swankier than I had imagined, especially considering its humble origin. Can you guess what the building used to be from looking at the ceiling? (I shared the history of the tea room here last year, so more info is available if you're interested.) I love the chandeliers, the floral carpet, the needlepoint (or tapestry) seat cushions, the glass goblets, and the teacups with those elegant handles, which I observed on the table at lower right. I love this room!

The only thing that would have made this postcard better is if it had been used, but oh well, just having the image itself will have to do. "Many well-known personalities have dined in this lovely room at the McDonald Tearoom in Gallatin, Mo. Ex-Gov. Arthur M. Hyde once said: 'Their blackberry ice should be reverently held in the hands and inhaled as you would a fragrant rose.'" High praise indeed for a former … hardware store!


  1. How pretty! And that blackberry ice sounds wonderful.

  2. Always such a treat visiting you, Angela! ♥

  3. How pretty Angela,
    I enjoy your post cards. I am going antique shopping today to look for old post cards.
    Have a beautiful day.

  4. I'd love some of the blackberry ice right about now!

  5. Great postcard, Angela. And such an inspiring story of how the tea room was started and how it became so successful - I just love reading about the business owners who work hard and achieve their dreams!

    Missouri is an adopted state of mine, having lived there for quite a few years. It's a great state, very picturesque, so much history and so many small towns with so much pride. I remember how the towns would have 'Sunday Picnics' (they were very organized about the scheduled picnics) and the food was so delicious. The regional specialties included slow cooked roast beef, schnitzels and spaetzels - oh was it delicious!

    Gallatin is in the northwest part of the state and though I didn't visit Gallatin, I would have loved to visit that tea room. Thanks for inspiring my memories,

  6. Love seeing this tea room. It has a cozy feel yet elegant.


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