Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tea Room Postcard # 23 - Culbertson Tea Room (Spokane, Washington)

The older the postcard the better I like it, so I very much like this 1919 postcard that was mailed to someone in Michigan featuring the Culbertson Tea Room in Spokane, Washington. When I bought it online, I liked the look of this place and wondered where such a fancy tea room was located. Imagine my delight at discovering Culbertson's was a *department store* in Spokane! I found an article in the Dry Goods Economist from 1921 which discussed the store's recent addition. It said, "The new building is so joined to the old that all floors except the main one are entirely open. On the latter floor a delivery alley runs between the two buildings. An entrance vestibule gives access to elevators opening on all floors of the new section, and two of them are special lifts to handle tea room visitors." Wouldn't you like to have enjoyed afternoon tea here? I would!

The card reads, "Sun. A.M. Best place in the city to eat. Can take advantage on Saturdays only. No evening meals. Ate here yesterday. On my way to E's for dinner today. Lovely — Lin" (or Lina or Lisa — your guess is as good as mine!).


  1. Department stores did have such beautiful tearooms and this is a beauty. Great find, Angela!

  2. Oh how pretty, Angela! I would have loved enjoying lunch here - looks like 'my kind of place!' *

    *Actually Angela, you have a knack of finding 'everything' I like:
    tearooms, teas, china, tea pots and tea cups, roses...this tearoom reminds me of the scene in 'My Fair Lady,' when Eliza Doolittle visits Professor Henry Higgins Mother at her home - they are having tea and discussing how Professor Higgins did not compliment Eliza on her accomplishment at the Embassy Ball, for being so polished and genteel (Everyone thinking that Eliza was a Princess or a member of a Royal Family.)

    'My Fair Lady' is one of my favorite movies and I always liked Professor Higgins library and his Mother's home - both sets were so beautiful! This postcard reminds me of that look. Hope you have a great weekend, Joanie

  3. This tea room is so beautiful and charming !
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another great postcard...and yes, I would love to gave visited this charming place.

  5. Oh how divine - doesn't that place look spectacular?


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