Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some winsome estate sale finds

For about the third time in the past year or so, I have returned from an estate sale with a tea trivet. I wonder why this should be so? Is it that estate sales are generally the province of older people, and they are the ones more likely to have known what a tea trivet is and to have used (or inherited) one?

At any rate, I was delighted to find this one, one of the most highly decorated tea trivets I own!

It's about the size of a dessert saucer, so I'll bet the non-tea-fanatics don't know what this is. And may it ever be so! If you want to look for one—to keep your own teapots from leaving a heat mark on the table, or simply for decorative purposes—it's easy to tell because of the side elevation of the tea trivet. Because it has either a rim or sometimes "feet"on the bottom, it doesn't sit perfectly flat on the table as a saucer would.

When I turned this one over, I smiled when I saw that "Winsome" was the name of the pattern. "Yes, it *is* winsome!" I thought.

This butter pat was a cute piece too, and for $2 the price was right. At least I think it's a butter pat. If you know differently, I'm willing to be educated!

This piece is marked "Grindley." I enjoy studying the maker's marks and learning what I can about porcelain, china and pottery, and there is always something new to learn in the wonderful world of teawares!


  1. I love your Royal Albert tea trivet! Very pretty! I'll have to keep a better eye out for those at estate sales when I go.

  2. I just ovecoming upon these treasures you found! Tome, there is such a charm about "different" rather than "expected".

  3. Your tea trivet is very pretty. I haven't found one yet, but I'll keep looking. That little butter pat could lend itself to lots of uses at the tea table and I like that pale yellow color.

  4. There is always something new to learn, Angela, and you are a wonderful teacher! I never knew such a thing as a tea trivet existed until today. B-)

  5. Wow! I am impressed with these great finds!!

  6. Love your estate sale finds.

  7. Oh such lovely treasures. I love the china trivets. I use one in my bathroom to rest glasses on.

    - The Tablescaper


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