Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A new (tea)potting bench

While I was out shopping with my mom and aunt on Saturday, Alex was busy building me this great new potting bench! I'd recently seen one in a catalog and asked if he could build something like it. I was truly thrilled with his work, and I'm also impressed he built it entirely of scrap lumber pieces he already had on hand. I painted it on Sunday afternoon using a blend of three different colors of leftover paint, and I think we were both pretty pleased that this project ended up being completely free!

The new potting bench gave me a great excuse for dusting off some old tea pieces as well as displaying some pretty new ones, including this old wooden teapot basket and a new teacup planter.

This clay teapot planter was a gift many years ago, and this year it's growing basil.

The birdcage was the result of a trade with my sister at our recent family yard sale. The rose accent piece at right is headed to the tea garden when that project gets further along.

This is an old votive candleholder I used at my old house. I left it on the porch and it got all damp and chipped and crumbly, and I like it even better this way. It has "character" now.

And until I decide what to plant in this teacup planter, I'll just enjoy a nice cup of tranquility!


  1. Beautiful!!! What fun to have a potting table covered with tea pot and cup planters!

  2. I love it, and love that you were able to do it out of recycled stuff!

  3. I love to see what you come up with! Will your potting table always be that clean...teasing...

  4. What a handy potting bench !
    and thrifty too !

  5. This is fabulous - you could put -RATHER HE COULD PUT - some hooks on there for oddball cups!

  6. What a terrific potting bench - Alex did a nice job, and the price was right. :-)

    It looks good displaying all your tea pieces.

  7. I loVE your terracotta teapot planter!!!

  8. Love the new potting table. What a treat!


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