Monday, May 24, 2010

Jade's Tea in McDonough

Since my tea blogger friend Maureen has so kindly visited me in my town several times, I thought it was time to visit her in her neighborhood for a change. Last Thursday, I took the day off work and headed to McDonough, where Maureen had suggested we check out a new tea spot, Jade's Tea.

First, here's my sweet friend, always with a sunny smile on her face!

Jade's Tea is a small and cozy tea shop with simple, clean decor and a soothing green color palette. It's very tastefully furnished, as if each shade of green, each fresh flower on the table were chosen with great care.

In one of the more creative displays of loose leaf tea I've come across, Jade's Tea has small metal tins attached to the wall with Velcro fasteners, and you are welcome to take them down and sniff. (We did!)

Both Maureen and I decided to have bubble tea, and we both ordered some in chai flavor. It was served in such a pretty glass! I was surprised this bubble tea was a milky drink, not the iced, slushy-type bubble tea I've always had before. When I returned to the shop's website later, I saw I could have ordered it iced, so now I've learned there are different types of bubble tea to be enjoyed. (I didn't dislike it -- it was just different!)

Tea lust got the better of me, and I ordered a second tea with my lunch, the Peppermint Chamomile Orange iced tea I'd seen on the Jade's Tea website. I must say this was the prettiest iced tea presentation I've ever seen! A glass teapot held the tea and was accented with a slice of orange. (Go here to see Maureen's pink Lavender Lemon iced tea and to read her account of our day!)

Both of us, I think, fell in love with the cute glass holders for the tea strainers. I was sorry they weren't for sale, although that's probably a good thing! Have you ever seen a glass holder for a tea strainer? This was a first for me.

The Potato Asparagus Salad I ordered was thoroughly delicious. Don't you love it when you order a meal and you can truly taste the unique flavors of the food and not the mushed up blend of it all?

My lunch choice was the Basil Turkey Sandwich. I don't guess I've ever put whole basil leaves on a sandwich but I sure will in the future, because this one was great. The delicious meal was just the fuel I needed for a fine afternoon of shopping with Maureen, who is a great tour guide. We went to the quilt shop nearby, A Scarlet Thread, and she helped me find not one but two new teapot fabrics, as well as some wonderful bargains in their half-price room. Then it was on to Marshalls for a bit more scavenging before I headed back to Newnan. A new tea place with a new tea friend and bargains too? It doesn't really get any better than that!


  1. I was so taken with the lovely shade
    of green paint!

  2. It sounds like you had a really enjoyable day with your friend. Your sandwich looks really yummy! And I love the presentation of the tea in the glass pot, with the orange wedge and herbs floating on top. Special touches to make your tea pleasing to the eye as well as to the taste. I have never tried bubble tea before.

  3. Seems like such a great place. I would love to go there. Such a creative way to display her tea. love that idea (and also the clear tea cart). I have never had Bubble Tea and would love to try it. Thanks for the tip on the two different kinds. As usual, thanks for sharing it with us Angela.

  4. That was a fun afternoon. I like your post and the tea room photos. I'd like to be eating that yummy sandwich for lunch right now!

  5. I thought I had already left comments, but now I see I must have left them on Maureen's blog. What a lovely time shared with a tea friend.


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