Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The (very lovely) Ida Lindsey China Company

OK, very soon, I promise, I will stop blogging about all the wonderful folks I met at the World Tea Expo, but not just yet. I have to say, I was very surprised at the small number of booths featuring the more elegant, bone china type of teawares. Ladies across America are not flocking to tearooms so they can be served their tea in a brown ceramic mug. The "purists" may like their tea in these simple designs, but the girly-girls out there want something beautiful and feminine to sip from. And that leads us to ...

The Ida Lindsey China Company and its lovely pieces with bouquets of roses and 24-karat burnished-gold accents. I'd read about these teawares in a tea magazine, and "live" they are even more impressive. Margot Crowe, whom I found to be a very friendly, cheerful woman, is reproducing these designs from pieces that were originally painted by her grandmother Ida. This design is called Ida's Gift, designed by Ida in 1914, and I just love-love-love the Art Nouveau styling. It's a modern-day heirloom if I ever saw one, and this is definitely on my must-have list (after I get back from my upcoming vacation, that is; must save pennies to spend at Florida tea shops!).

The good news is, consumers can order pieces directly from the company. For details, visit

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