Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New tea products

One of the things I most enjoyed about the World Tea Expo was sampling teas and seeing so many new products coming soon. One of my first purchases: Tea in a Jar from Puripan, a company whose "traditional Korean tea" looks like marmalade but isn't. It's actually naturally fermented, organically grown fruit, and one small cup of the ginger tea and I was hooked, for I'm a great fan of ginger. (The reps tell me that in Korea it is tradition to munch the bits of fruit that linger in the bottom of the cup, but I didn't really care too much for that.)

Above are pictures of the jar of tea and my teacup with three teaspoons of the fruit mixture, to which I added boiling water and enjoyed a terrific cup of tea. Yes, I know, this is really an herbal infusion and not technically a tea since it's not made with camellia sinensis, but hey, they named it "Tea in a Jar" and not "Herbal Infusion in a Jar."

The new tea's website listed on the label (www.teainajar.com) doesn't appear to be working yet, but I suspect this is because the product is so new. I'll be checking back, because next I'd like to try the pomegranate flavor.

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  1. does anyone know where we can buy Tea in a jar Aloe drink?


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