Friday, June 22, 2007

My Favorite Tea: Emperor's Bride

This morning I have the day off work and have time for a leisurely cup of tea, made all the more perfect by the particular kind of tea I get to have: my longed-for Emperor's Bride! A friend in Savannah first introduced me to this tea, served at The Tea Room in Savannah, years ago, but since Savannah is several hours from my home, I don't get by there often enough to keep the tea pantry stocked. Last weekend, a friend's parents were in Savannah and she got them to stop by The Tea Room to pick up some Emperor's Bride for her, so guess who got in on the deal?

Here's what the little card from The Tea Room says about this magnificent blend: "Emperor's Bride (Keisarin Morsian), A Tea Blend from Finland. To a base of Assam and Ceylon teas, bits of pineapple pieces, dried orange peel and thistle petals are added. This marvelous blend is further enhanced with essence of quince and elder."

And because today I am going to visit a restaurant called the Blue Willow Inn, I am having my tea in a Blue Willow teacup and saucer. This set is very special to me because it was a gift from my dear friend Nichole several years ago. And it wasn't my birthday or anything, simply a "just because" kind of gift. Isn't that sweet!


  1. I just had tea there myself two weeks ago, and this was our tea of choice! The aroma itself is enough to make you drool! Absolutely wonderful tea. -Darlene P. - TN

  2. Live in Savannah........Love the tea room............LOVE Emperor's absolute favorite!! Enjoy!

  3. I live in Finland and this is my cup of tea :) Ingredients: Assam and Ceylon tea, elderberry and quince flavourings. Loose-leaf tea enhanced with dried orange peel, pineapple pieces and thistle petals (made by Nordqvist).


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