Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blooming teas at World Tea Expo

I was like the proverbial kid in the candy store when I first entered the media suite and looked out over the Expo's show floor on Saturday morning. Tea vendors! At every booth! And plenty of them with things to sell! And sample! I noticed that quite a few vendors have the new blooming or artisan teas in their line, and the prettiest display of these I saw was from the Teaposy company. I actually have a Teaposy (blooming tea) to sample at home, but I'm thinking of waiting until I order one of their pretty glass teapots to steep it in. The individual size one with the sweet little handle (see these in the line-em-up photo) is just $18.99, which I think is quite a fair price.

Glass teawares were really big at this show. Now I love my china and would fight you over a new piece of chintz, but I have to say, some of this glass stuff was downright elegant, and I can definitely see room for it in my collection. (My husband might disagree with that, but that's another story.)

So that's my prediction of a trend in tea and teawares for the coming year: blooming teas and glass teawares!

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