Friday, January 12, 2018

Green Tea Scented Soap from Italy

This seems to be one of those weeks for sharing teatime shopping alerts! In the latter half of 2017, friends of this blog alerted me to both tea sachets and tea soaps they had found at Tuesday Morning, but my visits there turned up nothing similar. Then over the weekend, I visited the Tuesday Morning store in Douglasville and found this truly yummy Italian "Tè Verde," or Green Tea Scented Soap with Coconut Oil.

It's one of those huge bars that is about the length of your hand, and oh, does this soap smell divine! It's slightly floral, slightly musky, and the combination is one that is completely new to me. While it's more expensive than grocery store soaps, I don't mind paying a little more ($4.99) for a bar like this because it will last a long time. Plus it's pretty!

And to be honest, I wanted it for the box too! Have you seen any pretty and yummy smelling tea-ish soaps lately?


  1. Tuesday Morning has such neat soap. I purchased some for Christmas gifts but didn’t see any with tea. Enjoy your soap.

  2. I will have to make my first trip of the year to Tuesday Morning, and take a look. Thanks again for sharing your treasures.

  3. I love the box and the soap looks and sounds divine. It will be a little while yet before I'm out shopping but i enjoy reading about what you find.

  4. Sometimes my market has soaps with tea in them, but not as pretty as the one you are sharing.


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