Wednesday, January 24, 2018

DAVIDsTEA: My reviews!

In December, I had a giveaway for one of these tea samplers from DAVIDsTEA, and I just finished sampling my own sampler and wanted to mention what a great experience I had with this company! First, their customer service was excellent (a rarity these days!), and second, all the teas were absolutely delicious. The five I tried were Candy Cane Crush, a minty black tea with candy cane bits and snowflake-shaped sprinkles; Let It Snow, the wonderful pineapple, white chocolate, and spice tea I enjoyed during last week's snow; Alpine Punch, a coconut-flavored rooibos blend; White Cranberry Bark, a fabulous cranberry blend (my favorite!); and Sleigh Ride, a sweet dessert-like tea that reminded me of those cinnamon roll–flavored blends I've tried. These teas were some of the best flavored blends I've had in ages, and their packaging is so elegant, it made it a double delight to experience them.

I also tried the Mango Madness tea-infused lip butter, and with the cold weather around here last week, I was reaching for it often!

This is one of the silkiest lip balms I've ever tried, with no waxy buildup or chemical aftertaste, and I wish I'd ordered another couple of these. I'll know to do so on my next order. DAVIDsTEA is a Canadian company, and they often have great sales—and very reasonable shipping to the US—so if you haven't given them a try, I suggest you do so soon if, like me, you don't happen to have one of their few US stores in your area. Click here now to check them out, and you can also sign up for their mailing list for a chance to win a $100 gift card!


  1. Thanks for bringing this very interesting tea company to our attention. I've just been looking at their website, and they have a really wide range of tea and teaware. The champagne-flavored "Sparkling Rose Gummies" look like fun!
    --from Vernona in DC

  2. David's are in most malls up here.

    I picked up a couple of these samplers the other week in their After Christmas sale. My daughter in law has many, many of their teas.

    I liked the little pouch for my work tote!

    I'm glad that their online customer service is great because it's a bit hit or miss in the actual stores. Most of the staff are great about offering tasters and sniffs but some are attached to their phones.


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