Monday, December 11, 2017

A Christmas Tea with my neighbors

Two years ago, one of the best things possible happened. Our treadmill broke. It was Christmas, so we didn't rush right out and buy a new one. Instead, I started walking through the neighborhood on those cold afternoons, and I began to meet some of my neighbors I'd seen only in passing. Today, I am so thankful for that broken treadmill, because it led me to two new friends, Carol and Amanda, and a third friend, Amanda's sweet little baby Kelly, has joined our group as well. Yesterday, I did something I'd been wanting to do for a while and had them over for Christmas tea!

I must say, I love my neighbors and wish I'd gotten to know them sooner!

Our menu consisted of cucumber sandwiches and …

Pimiento cheese ribbons and chicken salad sandwiches cut into teapot shapes.
We had chocolate chip scones, and they were served with cream that I had in a Christmas tree–shaped dish (forgot to get a picture; y'all know how it is).

Our sweets included peppermint pecan fudge brownie bites …

White chocolate cheesecake balls …

And brown sugar shortbread (forever grateful that my pen pal Sandy shared this easy, never-fail recipe).

The three dessert plates (and I have only three) were perfect for this gathering, and I have them only because my tea-lover friend Joy up in Blairsville found them for me! (Thank you again, Joy! See, I'm putting them to good use.)

They matched the teapot and two-tiered server I already had, and Joy found me the sugar bowl as well. I think of her every time I see these! The teas I served were Victorian London Fog from Harney and Coconut Tea from Adagio. We drank many cups of each!
And in some news I did not even mention on Friday because I doubted it would actually happen, we got snow here in Georgia! Several inches!

 This snow-deprived child was quite happy to look out my office window yesterday morning and see … this view! We rarely, rarely get snow in the South, and certainly not several inches of it, and when they predicted a dusting, I thought it was another case of the boy who cried wolf and didn't even take the forecasts seriously. Happily, the snow came at the perfect time, and I wasn't worried about it ruining my tea because my neighbors are close by. Most of it has already melted, and oh, how I envy those of you who are blessed with this beautiful white gift on a much more regular basis. It made an already fun weekend extra special!

P.S. We did get a new treadmill, but I don't use it for fear I'll miss out on making a new friend. I'll stick to the roads!


  1. All your tea treats look so festive! I especially love the cheesecake balls in your new sleigh. And yes, this was the perfect time to use those poinsettia China pieces. I wish we could find some more, they are so pretty. What a lovely treat for your neighbors.

  2. This looks like a wonderful gathering!!!

  3. A special visit! I so wish I could be your neighbor too!

  4. Those Christmas tree cucumber sandwiches are so cute! And I love your photos of the snow. I'm glad you had the rare opportunity of seeing it there in Georgia--it really looks beautiful. We had a little in DC on Saturday, and I enjoyed looking at the tiny perfect snowflakes on my black gloves.
    --from Vernona in DC

  5. How lovely! Things happen for a reason, don't they? Merry Christmas!!

  6. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
    You got more snow than we did. None stuck in my yard.

  7. Your snow is beautiful, but the tea time is just wonderful. Everything looks delicious. Love the plates and teaware too.

  8. Your "NEW" sleigh looks great all loaded down with white cheesecake balls. I wish I was your neighbor. Everything looks so yummy. My brother lives in Acworth and has posted similar snow pictures. Merry Christmas.


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