Friday, October 13, 2017

Teatime botanicals

This week I went over to a friend's new house to see it decorated for the first time. I'd been through when it was finishing construction and had a good idea of the layout and color scheme, but I was so amazed at how different the place looked fully decorated. One of the many things I loved about her new home is the wall of old botanical prints she has. I left there thinking, "Hmm ..." and when I found this "cha" drawing on the Library of Congress website, it set me thinking that it might be fine to have a wall of botanical tea prints!

And here's one for "Labrador tea" from the New York Public Library's digital collection. This herb has traditionally been used to make a tea drunk by the Eskimos and Indians of eastern Canada.

And Wikimedia Commons has this lovely image of the camellia sinensis plant, which is now in the public domain here in the US. A wall of these would certainly be pretty, don't you think!


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