Friday, October 20, 2017

New tea-themed cards from Walmart

Sometimes, the best time to find tea-related cards is when I'm not looking for them! I was at Walmart and looking for a birthday card when I spotted these two.

I love this card with all the pretty teacups on the front, and I especially like that it's a blank card, so it can be used as a thinking-of-you card, a thank-you card or whatever I need.

And I saw this one with a kettle on it and remembered that I could use a Thanksgiving card for a friend. This kettle is probably the size of a coffee kettle, but we'll say it's for tea! Have you spotted any tea-related cards lately?


  1. Great cards - I especially like the teacup one.

  2. Cute! I am always looking and it is surprising how many are out there when you actually are looking.

  3. Well, now I have to go back to Walmart and I was just there today! I haven't seen any cards, but today at Dollar Tree I found some mini magnetic calendar/notepads that have pink teapots on them. They'll be great for my Tea Ladies at Christmas.


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