Monday, October 16, 2017

A most delicious new holiday tea from Palais Des Thés!

Palais Des Thés in Paris wrote to see if I'd like to sample one of their new holiday blends, and since I have long enjoyed their teas, I naturally said yes. I was expecting perhaps a small envelope of this Thé des Gourmets, so I was quite surprised when a box arrived at my doorstep containing this beautiful ruby-red tin of tea.

Pretty, isn't it?

And don't you love that starry teacup? Lovely! But look at the flavors in this black tea: almond, cherry, and cranberry—my favorite holiday flavors! 

The minute I opened the tin, I was in tea heaven. This tea has a delightfully fruity scent and a taste that definitely seems like dessert in a teacup! The almond, cherry, and cranberry notes are there in equal measure, and it's a tea so sweet and rich that it definitely needs no sweetener. Normally I'd wait until the holidays to tell you about the tea I'll be drinking over Christmas, but since this is a limited edition, I thought I'd better go ahead and mention it now so it will be on everyone's tea radar. 

I'm going through this tea like crazy and wanted to order another tin, but it's not available yet. The minute it is, I'll be sure to mention it here, because I definitely have a new holiday favorite—and I'm pretty sure some of you will as well!


  1. Oh, that sounds so delicious! (And I love the tin, too). Please do let us know when it's available to order. And in the meantime - enjoy!

  2. I'm glad the tea tastes as good as it looks.

  3. Now this is a tea company I love visiting their shop when in Paris. I have never been disappointed in their blends. One of the few companies I do enjoy for blended teas. Their canisters are wonderful too. Blended teas just speak to me of Paris.


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