Monday, September 25, 2017

A Taste of Fall

The week of Hurricane Irma, temperatures here dipped to the sixties and seventies, and I just knew fall was here to stay. Last week, it was back to the nineties, typical for Georgia at this time of year, so over the weekend, I decided I'd just have to get a "taste of fall" in another manner. And since I had to run in Walmart for a few things, I decided to check out the fall home goods, and that's where I found this cheerful new "Happy Fall" mug for just $2.48. (I've been wanting a mug that says "Happy Fall, Y'all," but I have yet to see one with the comma between "Fall" and "Y'all," and since I'm a grammar geek, it would drive me nuts to have to look at a grammar error every time I sipped out of it. This "Happy Fall" one avoids that problem and will serve nicely.)

And while I love Walmart, I don't go in there often simply because it takes so long to go through the store! When I do hit a Walmart, however, I usually take my time and browse the home goods section, the office supply section (always need pens and paper), and of course the tea aisle. Now, did you know Walmart sold Harney tea? I don't think I did, and when I saw this tin of Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea for just $5.48, I grabbed it!
A few times over the years, friends have shared samples of this tea with me, but I don't believe I've ever purchased a tin of it for myself. I thought this was the tea that tasted like liquid red hot cinnamon candies, and when I got home, I was thrilled to discover that yes, this was the one! So while the calendar says it's fall, the weather outside does not, but at least my tea cabinet is looking and tasting a little more like fall. What about you? What's in your cup these days?


  1. Wow, I didn't know Walmart sold Harney's tea, I will have to check that out. I actually don't go in WM very often, now that I can order online and have things delivered free, but for that, I'd go in and look around. Cute mug, too. Hang on a few more days, cooler temperatures are coming, I hope!

  2. I knew Target sold Harney but not Walmart. Thanks for the tip.

  3. This does definitely sound like fall. I am switching from light Darjeelings to Yunnan Gold and Puerh.


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