Thursday, January 10, 2013

Silver sugar spoons

So the general rule here in tea blog land seems to be that three of anything makes it a collection. By that standard, I now have a collection of sugar spoons, and I absolutely love them! I always like to have some tea-related collectible to be on the lookout for, and since I'm about out of space for teapots and teacups, I realized silverware is small, easily stored, inexpensive and there's heaps of it out there. Plus, it's nice to have a pretty spoon for serving sugar to guests at a tea party!

I think the handles are the prettiest feature of sugar spoons. These first two are marked "Rogers & Bro. A1," which was a common mark for Rogers' silverplate. The third piece is a sterling silver sugar spoon which belonged to my husband's mother, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing. There is no name on the piece, just a hallmark of a lion, the number 925/1000 representing the silver standard, and the word "STERLING." A sterling sugar spoon is said to be an essential item for a proper tea table. (Though I didn't realize I had one until recently, yet somehow I got by just fine!)

These spoons are also sometimes called "sugar shells," and the shell-shaped bowl (this one from the sterling sugar spoon) makes it obvious why this is so. There are also other shapes of sugar spoons which are known as "sugar shovels," and indeed the bowl of those pieces does indeed resemble a shovel. The other reason I'm into sugar spoons? Next time I travel somewhere, a sugar spoon would be a great souvenir that can make it into a suitcase and back home without fear of breakage!


  1. I love the sugar spoons as well and you're well on your way to a nice collection! I love the handles and the look of mismatched silver!

    And if you travel by plane, a piece of silver fits nicely in a checked suitcase, you don't have to worry about breakage and it does make a nice memento.

    Have you seen the silver sugar sifters? They have holes in them so the sugar is sifted rather than scooped! You might check those out! An addition to your collection or perhaps a new collection!

  2. Dear Angela,
    I agree, I agree, I agree! On all of it: out of room, these are gorgeous, perfect items to pick up with always a spot in a suitcase, and so on. I have a collection of dainty teaspoons and also some sugar shells. I hadn't thought to feature them. They are so pretty and yet they are tucked out of sight. Thanks for bringing yours to the light. They are just great. I see many more in your future............
    XO Ruthie

  3. These are gorgeous and I love them. Aren't they so delicate and each unique. I have one with my mother's set that was passed down to me. Hugs, Deb

  4. What a nice tea table item to collect. It's especially nice that you have one with family history. My guess yesterday was iced tea spoons since you've posted about collecting them too.

  5. I love the "shell" shape of the spoons. Very pretty! Sterling silver is always nice. My daughter gave me 4 for christmas.

  6. What a pretty collection you have started - and yes, it's a handy size for tucking in a suitcase or purse as a souvenir.

  7. I have a lot of odds and ends I just use as I please. Mix and match is fine with me!!!

  8. A wonderful collection in deed! The middle one is from the 1870-1880s and is in the style called Aesthetic Movement here in the USA or English Arts & C rafts in the UK. It's one of my favorite periods!

  9. The spoons are beautiful. I love the name "sugar shell".

  10. YOur sugar spoons are gorgeous!

    I only have one, it's sterling and I never ever use it - haven't in forever, because I use my tongs because I almost always serve sugar cubes at my parties.

    I know a place here that sells those clumps of darker sugar the Victorians used, and I can definately understand why THESE shovel/spoons were necessary - those clumps are huge!

    Maybe I will break down and buy some of those- if I do I'll be sure to blog about it and show my spoon!

    Neat post, Angela. Always so interesting to read your blog.


  11. What a nice collection. If 3 or more makes a collection then I need 1 more to begin mine. :-)

  12. They are a gorgeous collection! I have a bunch of silver I sort of ignore, I will have to see if any of them are sugar spoons.

  13. These are beautiful, Angela and you make a good point about breakage and taking up space.

    HGTV did a story on Christmas at The White House and one of the rooms featured vintage spoons displayed in a table setting - the spoons were at the center of a wreath, tied by ribbons to the back of each chair. It looked beautiful! I have toured The White House at Christmas and it is gorgeous and memorable. Thanks for bringing memories back, Joanie


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