Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Palmolive's Ginger White Tea Dishwashing Liquid

OK fellow Baby Boomers, who remembers Madge the Manicurist? Am I seeing a few hands go up in cyberspace? For 27 years, Madge as played by actress Jan Miner (may she rest in peace) promoted Palmolive dishwashing liquid by soaking customers' fingernails in the detergent. "It softens your hands while you do the dishes. You're soaking in it," Madge would say, prompting a hand to pop up out of the dishwashing liquid until she convinced the customer this was a good thing. That emerald green Palmolive dishwashing liquid is still with us, but so is an updated version, this Ginger White Tea variety.

The Colgate-Palmolive website calls these new liquids "inviting, naturally inspired fragrance blends." At first whiff, it smells a lot like the regular Palmolive liquid, which is not a bad thing, but once I used this liquid, I got a whole 'nuther scent experience, quite floral, quite lovely. I went here to see if camellia sinensis was actually listed as an ingredient, and it is not, so I guess it's either part of the fragrance or part of the "natural inspiration" for this product. Still, I was impressed that the website does tell you what each of those ingredients is for!

And if you don't remember our old friend Madge, here's a little You Tube reminder!


  1. I remember Madge. I have to wonder what she would think of the new Ginger White Tea Palmolive!

  2. Oh yes, I remember Madge, and hasn't Palmolive come a long way?

  3. I loved Madge - I rremember as a little girl thinking how cool it was to go to a beauty parlor to get one's nails done, and planned on doing so "when I got big!"

    My Mom had 5 children and bit her nails, so she never experienced the salon thing.

    Funny, my youngest is a hair stylist and comes over here to m y house for all my beauty treatments saving me a ton....and the last time she did my nails I had a nice soak thing going on and hubs walked by and asked "Hey Made, is she soaking in it?" We laughed, and especially b/c Katie didn't know what he meant.

    I am sending her your post url so she can see it.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Oh, and you like this dishwashing liquid then, Madge, urmh I mean Angela?

  4. I do remember those commercials, and I use Palmolive to this day! Haven't seen the new Ginger White Tea one yet but I will make a point to look for it. I bought some of the Dial white tea liquid soap to use at work, and bar soap to use at home, because I love the light scent. Will look forward to trying this dish soap!

  5. Sounds like a good scent to replace my regular Palmolive, when it's all used up.

  6. Angela - thanks for the bit of nostalgia. I always thought that Jan and Tyne Daly looked alike.

    Janet P.

  7. Now I will have to look for this Palmolive. I was thinking about changing liquid dishsoap.


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