Monday, November 8, 2010

Treasures in Wisconsin

Some of you who've been reading this blog a while may recall that in October of 2009, my stepdaughter Heather married her beau Brad from Wisconsin. Well, their almost-anniversary present was this little guy, who is named Michael Alex for his grandfathers, including my husband Alex. Isn't he a cutie? (I mean Michael, but Alex is too!) And so it is that we just got back from a week in Wisconsin visiting this growing family and meeting sweet baby Michael!

We flew the first two times we went to Wisconsin, but this time we made a road trip, which I very much enjoyed. While I'm not afraid of flying I do hate the *hassle* of flying these days, and also of not being able to shop as I want because only so much will fit in a carry-on bag. So while Michael napped, we managed to squeeze in a little shopping at some of the great thrift shops nearby. My best find was this set of four glass tea and toast sets. I'd been wanting a clear glass set like this, and almost bought a similar set for $15 in an antique mall recently. I'm glad I waited for this set, which was just $3.99!

I also found this large rose design bowl, which is marked "Sevres."

I've never had a lemon server with a Christmas design before, but I loved this one ($1.99) with its handpainted Santa design.

And this pink luncheon size plate is one of the prettiest ones I've come across.

Next, my thrifting took me to Goodwill, where the treasures included a teacup birdfeeder ($1.99) that I will no doubt be looking forward to using next spring.

In just a few weeks, I'll be pulling out my Santa mug collection, which now includes this one (49 cents) found in great vintage condition. (Have I mentioned that I plan to decorate my largest Christmas tree with Santa mugs this year?)

And this small bird-nest-and-teapot figurine (49 cents) is not the sort of thing I usually buy, but the price was right and who knows, it may show up in some vignette next spring!

An antique mall turned up these vintage Japanese teabag holders ($2).

Finally, I went back to Kohler Gardener in search of more of those cute clay teapot pots I found on clearance back in July (one is pictured up top). All gone, alas, but I did pick up some cute Christmas gift tags featuring teapots. These will certainly come in handy very soon!

But of course the sweetest treasure I found in Wisconsin is the one I had to leave behind!


  1. Dear Angela, what a lovely post this morning! Your treasures are great and I love the last photo and your tagline, '...the greatest treasure is the one I had to leave behind.' Thanks for sharing and enjoy 'all your treasures,' Joanie

  2. He is precious! Tour tea finds are fun. (typing w/ left hand)

  3. What a very sweet baby. Happy for your family. And lovely finds too.

  4. Loved seeing your pics of Michael -he is adorable. I knew you would find lots of tea goodies - great prices too.

  5. Dear Angela,

    I hope Michael Alex has a long health life with all his family, and your right about the treasure.
    You found lovely things especailly the one called Michael. Lots of Love and welcome baby Michael to you all Karin

  6. Oh my stars, he is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Congratulations again!

  7. What a precious little baby! Your sepia photo is amazing!!


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