Friday, November 5, 2010

Tea Party Scrapbook Week Day 5 - Tea With Little Friends

Especially during my single years, I was so grateful for my girlfriends who let me borrow their little girls so I could host tea parties! My little friends Maggie and Mollie, who are sisters, were regular tea party guests, and I always knew I'd have a fun time when they came over. I'll never forget one tea party where the thing Mollie most wanted to eat was ... sugar cubes. And I let her. She wasn't going to be *staying* at my house, so why not? We all had a great time!

Maggie and Mollie are much older now, and they can still do the girly-girl thing when they want, but they used to love to play dress-up and play with an old-fashioned parasol I have.

Sisters Cydney and Alley are now in high school and college, but boy do I love looking at old photos of them when they were little and having tea. I love that Alley illustrated her thank-you note to me!

They had the sweetest smiles as little girls, and they still do!

This is another Maggie-and-Mollie tea party, and I had found some tea-themed scrapbooking paper for this layout.

Here's Maggie dressed up with tapestry covered heels and a purse.

And here's Mollie in a vintage hat and feather boa. Fun! Some of the happiest teatimes are those spent with children, and I have been so blessed to have great children (and moms) in my life!

So I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my tea party scrapbook this week. While I've let my blog record my tea parties in recent years, I believe this week has inspired me to work on once again putting these memories in a scrapbook. I don't really know whether future generations of family and friends will still be reading blogs, but I like to think my scrapbook will survive!


  1. What fun to have a record of all these special tea parties. I bet all your grown "little friends" love to see these pages.

  2. How much fun is this? The photos are so sweet - I love the thank you note about the book! I have enjoyed your scrapbook notes, this week, thank you so much for sharing, Joanie

  3. I have enjoyed looking at your scrapbook this week. Thank you so much!

  4. I love it that you put a note on the little illustration! I do the same thing! Sweet that you kept such great memories in a scrapbook.


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