Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tea Party Scrapbook Week Day 4 - The New Moms' Tea

Looking back through my scrapbook, this tea party was one of the simplest but also one of my most creative ones, I think. In fall of 2001, despite (or perhaps because of) what was going on in our country, I had a tea party to celebrate the fact four friends had all had babies around the same time!

From left we have Ashly holding Jackson, Nichole holding Mary Lauren, Nikki holding Matthew and Becky holding Asher. It's nine years down the road and sweet Mary Lauren recently sent me a delicious sample of Tazo's Organic Apple Red tea through her mom -- so don't tell me it doesn't pay to teach 'em about tea while they're young!

Decorating for this tea was the most fun part! I used baby washcloths for the napkins and baby feeding spoons for the teaspoons. The placecards were identified by the baby's name, such as "Jackson's Mom," and I had a jar of baby food at each place setting.

And even though I used lace on the table, it was on top of my "tablecloth" which was, in reality, a baby blanket that became a door prize! I used a teapot with lots of blue and pink, and this simple tea was one of the most fun ones I have ever given.

Tomorrow: Taking tea with little friends


  1. So CUTE! What a great Idea!

  2. What a great idea for a tea!! New moms can usually use the pampering. I had to laugh, though, because when I pictured you giving away the "table cloth", I saw you snatching it out from under all the tea things like a magic trick.

  3. What a great "New Moms" tea party. You had a lot of wonderful ideas for the tablescape. It must be fun looking at your scrapbook memories.

  4. It was a lovely afternoon and still a nice memory! Can't believe how quickly Mary L. has grown and she does love tea.

  5. I does look like fun and a very good idea. I will have to remember this one.

  6. Too cute, Angela! I know everyone had a great time and that was very thoughtful of you - 'New Moms' enjoy visiting one another and the little ones had fun too! Joanie

  7. What a lovely idea. New mom's need to have special times!


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