Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea Party Scrapbook Week Day 3 - Tea in the Garden

Friends have held teas in my honor on several occasions, and I've always been most grateful for them, but without a doubt the most extravagant such event was the birthday tea my mother/daughter friends Sandra and Beth gave me one year. Isn't this absolutely incredible? I'd always enjoyed visiting Sandra's beautifully-designed garden but never dreamed I'd be having a birthday tea there!

I still look at the photos years later and think, "They did all this for ME?" A TENT set up in the backyard? Mercy! But my, what a wonderful time it was!

My birthday gifts that year included the clay teapot and cup and saucer planters shown here, which I have somehow managed not to break in the ensuing years. (Knock on wood!)

At another garden tea, I was not the honoree but a co-hostess. This garden tea was held to say goodbye and good wishes to my friend Kathy when she was moving from our town to Savannah.

My fellow co-hostess, Ruth, has a lovely woodland garden surrounding her log home, an ideal setting for such a tea. Here Kathy, some of her family members and friends are touring the shade garden.

Ruth had written "Kathy's Tea Time" on a cute little teapot-shaped chalkboard, and you can also see the foods we enjoyed together: spinach quiche, finger sandwiches, cheese straws, fresh fruit and cake. If you've never had tea in the garden, you really MUST!

Tomorrow: The New Moms' Tea


  1. Such neat tea time memories. Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  2. I love tea outdoors, nothing is more pleasant even if the weather isn't so!

  3. As you probably know by now, tea in the garden is my all time favorite things to do. Thanks for sharing both parties, they look like they were both wonderful.

  4. I expect to see wonderful teas given by you, but I am even more impressed to see such an elaborate tea given for you. What great friends you have! Also seeing this week of tea memories makes me wonder about your "tea history". When did it all start for you?

  5. This looks like a lovely garden tea your friends gave for you. I really like your garden/tea theme gifts too.

  6. It was the most wonderful day, and I still think of it often. Thank you for such wonderful memories with my friends and family.


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