Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tea and Books Saturday #47 - "The World of Tea"

The World of Tea
By Thomas J. Lipton, Inc.

True or False: "Green tea is picked when the leaves are not quite ripe, and black tea when the leaves are fully ripened." The answer is false, of course, but that's one of the questions from the Two-Minute Test on the opening page of this small book, one of my eBay finds from this year. Now that I've read that new bio of Sir Thomas Lipton, I figured this book probably wouldn't have anything new to offer, but happily I was wrong. For one thing, I learned that by the time Lipton tea reaches my teacup, it has been tested by seven different people a total of at least 14 times. Impressive!

Because there is no date listed, I am guessing this book was published in the seventies or early eighties since the graphics (such as a redheaded woman's fluffy "winged" hairstyle) look like others I've seen from that period. The book is also dated by its claim that no tea is commercially grown in North America. Today it is well known that tea is commercially grown at the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina.

The book contained a great brewing tip I've never read before. "Whenever possible, if brewing tea by the cup, use the saucer to cover the cup and retain the heat." I do have a few of those special lidded tea mugs, but I have saucers readily available as well!

Also included are a few recipes for tea drinks such as Tea 'n Cream Toddy (stir 1 tablespoon maple syrup into brewed tea and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream), Sangria Cup, Ambrosia Shake, Lime Delight and more. All in all, a fun little read!


  1. Your series on teabooks has been very enjoyable. I have this one.

  2. The saucer on top idea is great. I almost feel silly that I never that of doing that!

  3. The saucer idea is new to me. I like it. Thanks!

  4. Angela, its so funny I have the black chinese design tea tin thats on the cover of the book, I have it in different shapes and sizes from our local market.


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