Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's talk turkey!

For years I have wanted to start collecting an official "Thanksgiving" pattern of dishes, and this year I finally made my choice, which features His Majesty, shown here.

His Majesty is also the name of this Johnson Brothers pattern, and this year I've started my collection with the dinner plates, which will obviously be the stars of my Thanksgiving table!

I love the detail around the rim, including the brown floral design which looks almost like toile to me.

I haven't splurged on the matching teacups or mugs just yet (though you can bet the teapot is at the top of my wish list!), but I do have some Johnson Brothers Harvest Time cups and saucers, which I think will do just fine for now. Do you have special dishes for Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear what you use!


  1. Your new Thanksgiving dishes are lovely. That is a great looking pattern - I like the brown with the little touches of pink, blue and yellow. Maybe Santa will bring you the matching teapot. ;-)

    I use my "Edme" Queen's Ware for special occasions. I don't have Thanksgiving dishes, but last year I did splurge on some red & green plaid casual Christmas dishes featuring black Scottie dogs.

  2. Oh, I LOVE your Thanksgiving china! I, too, would enjoy a set of Thanksgiving china. For now we just use our white daily dishes. After Thanksgiving I pull out the Portmeirion Holly & Ivy christmas dishes.

  3. Those are such pretty dishes, Angela. I love the name, His Majesty. I know you're going to enjoy adding to your collection.
    Here's wishing you and your family a Wonderful Thanksgiving, Joanie

  4. I've long admired these, and I'm glad you indulged. Enjoy and have a special day!

  5. That is certainly a majestic bird, Angela! What a beautiful pattern to choose. Hope you get your teapot wish soon. Doesn't food taste even better on beautiful china? I think so. Hoping you will share a photo of your bountiful Thanksgiving Table.

    This year I am using a classic Rosenthal white china in the Maria pattern, which was named after the wife of founder Philip Rosenthal
    and had a 12 sided plate. I found them at an estate sale three years ago. Philip began selling china door to door which had been painted by his wife Maria. The famous Moss Rose Pattern is also one of their popular designs. Our centerpiece is a thrift shop find Enterprise Aluminum Drip-o-lator Coffee Pot/Teapot(made in my hometown of Massilon OH) filled with a dozen Fall hued Passion Friendship Roses.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thank you Angela, for all of your informative and entertaining blog posts. I have so enjoyed them.

  6. Very pretty! I love these festive plates, but where would I store them. I am bursting at the seams.

  7. Gorgeous dishes!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family! Blessings!

  8. I love your new plates!! We were blessed a couple years ago, after Thanksgiving, someone was offering them for sale at a wonderful price. I was SOOO excited...I love anything Johnson Brother's makes. We had to wait a whole year to use them, but it was worth it...and now every year they come out for Thanksgiving. Just last evening, we enjoyed a leftover feast with friends and as I set the table with the dishes again, my 15 year old son said, "Oh, good mom...I love using these plates." That made me smile...I am glad he noticed!! I think your harvest cups look lovely with them.

    Donna (IA)



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