Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hobby Lobby Teacup Ornaments

Now I've been to Hobby Lobby many times since they first put out their Christmas wares months ago, but only this week did I come across these cute new glass teacup ornaments.

The pink one, of course, is my favorite!

But the gent in the red teacup is quite fetching as well. These ornaments are regularly $6.99 each, but the ornaments are currently half off, making these quite reasonable if you're adding to your collection of tea-themed ornaments as I am. (And yes, they had several more of each of these at the store here in Newnan, in case anyone is wondering!)


  1. Lovely ornaments, Angela! I like the pink one too, Joanie

  2. I bought the pink one a while ago at the Hobby Lobby in McDonough. It was supposed to be a little "surprise" gift for a fellow tea lover. ;-)

  3. Very cute! Now I wish we had a Hobby Lobby.


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