Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congrats to William & Kate ... but when's the date?

We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blogcast to discuss yesterday's exciting news from across the pond: Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged!

For years now I've dreamed of holding a Royal Wedding Tea on the day William marries. Seriously! Friends and I have already discussed the fact that even if it's at 5 a.m., we're getting together for tea and wedding watching. So now that the event is officially announced for next spring or summer (although I *do* wish I knew the exact date!), I'm ready to begin gathering the necessary items for the tea. I'll especially be on the lookout for royal commemoratives, those wares manufactured expressly to commemorate a royal event. This vintage mug is a piece I found at an antique mall in Florida last year, and it marked the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.

Alfred Meakin was the maker of this mug, and I'm eager to see who will be making the cups, saucers, mugs and tea towels that will commemorate this upcoming royal event. Are you excited about the royal wedding? Will you be watching?


  1. Great idea . I am going to do this too!!
    When Charles and Diana wed my then 6 yo daughter and I got up and donned old bridesmaids dresses and veils to watch the wedding.
    But a tea in the afternoon is a Brillant idea

  2. Fab idea! Your Royal Wedding Tea sounds like so much fun.

    I like your Queen Elizabeth coronation mug.

  3. What fun! A tea party to celebrate a wonderful international event!

  4. Absolutely! What a joyous occasion... and I hope to have a Royal Wedding Tea in Sweet Remembrances... like you, I'm curious as to the date. I've heard August 13 was tossed around as a possible date. If you hear anything... keep us posted!
    P.S. The magazine arrived safely and I've enjoyed perusing it while sipping some Vanilla Chai. Thank you again Angela.

  5. What a fun idea! Maybe we can have a virtual tea, too!

  6. What a great idea, Angela! This is such happy news and what better way than to celebrate with a tea?
    When I spent some time in Washington, DC, there was an English Tea Room in Alexandria, VA that brought in commemmorative items from England. I have such fond memories of those days.
    Have a great day, Joanie

  7. i think that after 7 years they did a great move..and i must say the ring is beautiful!!

  8. I definitely will have a cup of tea and watch. Can't help it, but it is a fairy tale after all and we girls love a good fairy tale.

  9. I have my Elizabeth and Phillip
    teacup ready, now what will I wear?

  10. Didn't we drink a "Price William" tea at the Grand Hotel in Hogansville a few years ago? Or maybe Sweet William...something with William in in its name. If such a tea exists, you must have it at your royal wedding tea!
    Nichole G.

  11. My sister and I were calling each other at o'dark-thirty in the morning we were so excited! You can bet we'll be watching it!


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