Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas sipping

While I don't enjoy Black Friday shopping, I very much enjoyed my regular Saturday shopping with my mother and aunt over the weekend. We went to the Kennesaw area and hit a HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, and I was really surprised by how calm these stores were. HomeGoods was practically deserted, and T.J. and Marshalls didn't seem as busy to me as they usually are. Since we had just gotten our Christmas bonuses at work, I took advantage of the Saturday shopping to make a huge dent in my gift list, and of course I treated myself to a few small goodies as well, most of them tea-related. One of my favorites was this bone china teacup in a chintz holly pattern I found at Marshalls. Not bad for $6.99, and just right for sipping some new Christmas teas!

I'm still working my way through the nice gift box Stash Tea sent recently, and the first one I sampled was Merry Mint, a green tea. I didn't read the ingredient list and had assumed the mint flavor was peppermint, but a nice spearment flavor greeted me instead! This tea does have peppermint in it as well, but it was nice to find spearmint flavor in a tea.

The White Christmas blend contains white tea, peppermint and ginger. That sounded like an odd combination to me, but as a great fan of ginger, I really enjoyed this blend as well. Got any Christmas blends to recommend? Have teacup, will sip!


  1. The jolly holly print cup is very festive!

  2. I love the design on that tea cup, very pretty! I'm enjoying the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Also, they have a good variety of hot drinks at the Q-T gas station, believe it or not! We always gas up there & they recently added baked goods that are baked locally. Happy holidays, Joanie

  3. What a pretty cup. Have you tried a tea by Republic of Tea called Dream by the Fire (or something like that)? It's a seasonal tea I picked up 50% last year. It's roobis, vanilla, and cinnamon.

  4. Eggnoggin by Bigelow is one of my favorite seasonal teas. Also Harvest Blend and Christmas Blend from Upton are also delicious.

  5. I love this teacup! So festive.
    Your tea choices look delicious, I will have to try those.


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