Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teapot Curtain Tie-back Holders

Historians tell us that teapots have been around for centuries, but I have wondered how long teapot *stuff* has been around. When did the little iconic image of a teapot become so popular, so familiar, that some marketer thought it was a good idea to add the design to a tablecloth, or a brooch, or, in this case, a pair of curtain tie-back holders?

These little wooden tie-back holders, a tad over 1-1/2 inches tall, would be prettier if they had roses on them, to be sure, but I had to have them for the curiosity factor alone. (That, and the fact they were just $1.99.) Can't you just see some fifties housewife using these in her "Florida room" to brighten the decor?

The metal pin on the back fits, like a pushpin, into these small pieces of cork and once pierced layers of fabric, or at least was intended to. I don't think I have any curtains these would, um, beautify, but I am thinking these may serve as "hooks" in my craft room sometime in the near future. Teapot curtain tie-back holders. Who knew?


  1. My sister collects curtain pins (she has hundreds) and I, of course, have a few. There are even cuter plastic teapot ones. I have a set in both green and yellow. There are also ones that have a tea table setting-with a teapot and cups. I use many of my pins at work on my bulletin board. No boring stick pins for me!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. There are hundreds of these, Gerri? My goodness! I never cease to be amazed at the collectibles categories out there! I'll definitely be looking for more teapot ones -- if you don't beat me to them, ha!

  3. They are cute. Using them for hooks is a great idea and I also like Gerri's push pin use.

  4. Who knew that there are even curtain pins with teapots on them. You always amaze me with your finds.

  5. Hey, Denise needs these for her curtains! ;-)