Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's time to "Think Pink"!

Steph over at Steph's Cup of Tea is continuing her "color study" blog posts, and this week's feature color is pink, a hue I happen to know a thing or two about. First, my favorite teapot!

What's a well-dressed lady without her gloves? (And why not pink ones?)

But let's not forget palest pale pink, the color of this faded, vintage millinery flower. I love its floppy simplicity.

This pink rose strewn "Simply Shabby Chic" box was a treat from my husband and contains yo-yo's for a future quilt, many of which will include pink.

This ball of thread, which I've used for crocheting and tatting, makes me think of strawberry sherbet.

Let's end with some pink jewelry, shall we? This old jewelry finding has lost all its pearls, but I still think it's simple and beautiful.

Inspired by a heart charm bracelet in Victoria magazine many years ago, I started one of my own and couldn't resist adding a couple of pink charms.

And so we begin and end with a pink teapot!


  1. i am drooling over these gorgeous pinks angela! gorgeous! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Love your pinks! I remember when my Aunt Ida had a pair of pink gloves, always worn with a hat, of course!

  3. It's all so elegant! The gloves are definitely very lady-like. I love how feminine all these pictures are too. :)

  4. All these things are gorgeous, Angela. I'm thinking that teapot is a favorite for good reason! And I am really drawn to those gloves. My goodness, they are lovely! Thank you for playing!

  5. We knew you would have a lot of pink. :-) I love the teapot. Your bracelet reminds me of one I saw on ebay a few years ago. The one I saw had hearts made from Old Country Roses china. It was waaaaay out of my budget but very pretty.

  6. Angela, all your pink things are very pretty. I can see why that teapot is your favorite. I really like the Shabby Chic box and would love to see a quilt made with those yo-yo's. What a nice heart charm bracelet (I am still trying not to covet your Betsy Johnson teatime one).

  7. Your pink teapot is so pretty.

  8. Oh, that tea pot is my dream pot! They are all so pretty and those gloves are just lovely.

  9. Love your pink! The gloves and floppy flower are perfect.


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