Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Tea Leaves Soy Candle

A recent trip to T.J. Maxx resulted in a find that combines two of my loves: anything related to tea and anything with handwriting on it. Although my "tea radar" is what usually kicks in first, this time it was the pretty glass jar with handwriting on it I spotted first, and the fact it was a "green tea leaves" candle simply sealed the deal.

The candle, which has a nice light and clean scent, comes in this jar with a brushed metal lid. The website for the maker,, didn't seem to be working properly, but with further web surfing I found a vendor who described this candle as one which will burn for 40 hours soot-free.

I love that this design was inspired by love letters discovered in an old attic. On the lid above is the lovely legend regarding this piece. If you have an extra minute I hope you'll read it because I think you'll like it!


  1. Ooh - stamps! That's what catches my eye on this candle!

  2. Very pretty and I like that it is a soy candle (cleaner burning, etc). I did look at their website and they have lots of other great green tea products. The green tea air fresheners would be perfect to hang in my closets and van and the bath soak and soap would be a nice little luxury.

    They have sections with lots of gardening and housekeeping tips that were quite well done.

  3. OK, Maureen, since you said it worked for you, I tried again (on my office computer instead of at home), and now it seems to be working. I'm interested to see the packaging has changed on this candle (probably why mine was $7.99 at T.J. instead of $19.95!). I think I like mine better, actually!

  4. What a lovely sentiment written on that candle. I love candles too.

  5. I also love things with handwriting on them, especially in script. I'm heading to T.J.Maxx today to see if I can find a few gifts for Father's Day....maybe I'll get super lucky and find that same candle as well!


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