Thursday, February 7, 2008

Favorite Things: Russian Tea Glass

Do you have some "Favorite Things" amongst your collection of teawares? I do, and I thought about this after looking at some of those great photos in that "Special Teas" book I got this week.

Years ago, I was in charge of my church's Fall Festival when, at the last minute, I pulled my back. I'd tried to move some heavy boxes that I shouldn't have, so the day of the festival I was a physical wreck, exhausted, in pain, in tears ... not exactly a picture of joy. And a friend dropped by the festival after going to a yard sale that morning to say she'd brought me something that would make me feel better: this glass. And you know what? I did feel better! (After a few painkillers and ultimately a trip to the chiropractor I felt WAY better, but that's another story.)

And so when I saw the photos of Russian tea glasses the other night, I was reminded of my one little Russian tea glass that was once a gift from a thoughtful friend. I love the design around the rim of the cup holder, especially the lush roses, and I marvel that someone once took this much care to make a drinking vessel.


  1. i lived in russia and they serve tea in glasses like that on the train! i remember this on the night train from st. petersburg to moscow, which arrived early in the morning so the train attendant served hot peppermint flavored tea with lots of sugar at six in the morning! this was in the early nineties so they might not do this any longer! andrea

  2. Wow, Andrea, that sure makes the train ride through Russia sound amazing and terribly romantic! Not sure about the sugared up tea at 6 a.m. though! Ha!


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