Monday, February 25, 2008

Everything's coming up roses

Every once in a while I get to enjoy a full day of Saturday shopping with my mother, and this past weekend it was a most fruitful day. My husband thinks *I* am a good shopper, but I am a rank amateur compared to my mom, whose latest great yard sale find was a full set of vintage white wicker furniture in excellent condition for $5! We usually head to her old hometown of Marietta, and we try to hit as many T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, HomeGoods and Ross stores as we can fit in.

This weekend, the great find for me was new teawares. First, I've long been in love with chintz china, and I could hardly leave a super cheap clearance mug, could I? What better way to celebrate the soon-coming Spring than with new designs of colorful roses. I also like the unusual swirly handle on this piece. It was worth $2 to find out if this would be awkward to hold. (Reader, it is not.)

And this inexpensive seafoam green chintz cup and saucer was a pattern and colorway I haven't seen before. I used it for my Sunday afternoon sipping as I spent a few quiet hours doing the final proofreading on the March/April issue of the magazine. Now, to clean out a little more space in my tea cabinet ...


  1. What wonderful pieces! I love the green chintz cup and saucer. Was it from Marshall's too? Makes me want to run over there right now. I have found some great things at the stores you mentioned.

    I once found a lovely white Portmeirion "Seascapes" teapot on clearance for $3.00. I could not believe that it had not been snapped up already - guess my timing was perfect.

    Your posts really brighten my day. Thanks.

  2. You're too kind! And I can't believe you found a Pormeirion anything for $3 -- man! The green set, by the way, came from HomeGoods (sister store to T.J. Maxx) and was just $7.99, a far cry from the $30 or so price I usually see on chintz sets!

  3. I try to swing into our T.J. Maxx once a week if I am out just to "check." I've also found extreme bargains there as well.
    You just have to hit it at the right time though as some one said earlier.

  4. It must have been the weekend for Tea finds! I found not one, but two silver plated tea pots with the creamers and sugars to match. Then if that wasn't enough, they threw in three silver plated platters! I've wanted a silver set for so long, now I have two! One will look lovely on my wicker tea cart that I got as a birthday gift this past year and the other in my dinning room. Yeah for tea!!!

  5. TWO silver teasets? My goodness, you lucked out, Teresa! Congrats!


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