Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tea Towels - Part Two

The arrival of the new tea towels sent me on a quest to revisit some of the more collectible tea towels I own. Alas, I still can't find the one I bought on board the Cutty Sark in England (it's around here somewhere, I know it is), but I did find the original embroidered tea towel that made me realize these linens would be a great collectible for tea lovers. My mom found this one for me (at a flea market, yard sale or thrift store, no doubt), and I love the pink embroidery and the words "you" and "me" on the teacups. Family and friends have occasionally surprised me with tea towels from their travels, including these two favorites:

A souvenir from Australia ...

And a souvenir from the Empress Hotel in Canada.

Finally, I'm already thinking about Christmas and these tea towels reminded me I've had a "retro Christmas" theme going for the past few years. I love the sixties look of this print ...

And this one is unique because it's a square tea towel, not rectangular, and features recipes for chocolate chip cookies. So if you're looking for a unique gift or souvenir, for yourself or someone else, you may just wish to consider the simple tea towel.


  1. Love your collection of tea towels. They are too sweet.
    Miss Janice

  2. Oh those are fabulous! I have the one from the Empress as well, and a set I brought back from Buckingham Palace...


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