Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tea Time and Fall

Even among my favorite magazines, some issues are better than others. The September/October 2007 issue of Tea Time is one of the best yet. I'm longing for fall, and this fall-themed issue is making me even hungrier for the season to arrive.

Did I say hungry? If you haven't seen this issue yet, you will have a treat in store with all these fall recipes. I want to make the Pumpkin Cheesecakes on the cover as well as the Earl Grey infused Creme Brulee, the Corn Bisque, Smoked Sausage and Potato Quiche, and the Pear Scones. I think the recipes this issue are some of the best I've seen. (But again, maybe it's just my longing for fall and the baking that seems to accompany its arrival.)

For the tea party enthusiast, there are ideas for a Back to School Tea, a black and white tea (not my normal color palette, but this one is very elegant), and an idea I do intend to try: A Progressive Tea Party. Overall, this was just a very fun issue of the magazine.


  1. Don't you just drool over every Tea Time magazine? I love all the autumn stuff also.
    Miss Janice

  2. I don't subscribe to this magazine [yet!] but tomorrow, I'll head on over to the bookstore and
    find me a copy. Thanks for letting us know about it!



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