Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Proper Mitford Tea

Oh, if only the company jet were available today! I'd ask it to whisk me off to Blowing Rock, N.C., the picturesque mountain town I visited over the weekend. It's also the place where author Jan Karon wrote her popular Mitford series of books, and Karon will be guest of honor at "a proper Mitford tea" at the Blowing Rock Country Club this afternoon. Tickets, I learned, are $75, but I would had to have splurged if I were going to be in the area.

According to the Mitford Times, the cute little tabloid newspaper that's just out in honor of the town's Mitford Days celebration, "Guests at the tea will be treated to a personal visit with Mrs. Karon along with tea delicacies made from recipes published in Mrs. Karon's cookbook. Favors of the afternoon will be special handmade candles with hydrangea and Queen Anne's Lace flowers embedded in the wax. They will be boxed as a keepsake of the event."

But this afternoon I hope to join these tea-takers in spirit, if not in body, by baking Cynthia's Banana Bread from the cookbook I bought at a "Mitford" bookstore. It calls for plain yogurt, and I'm curious how that will affect the flavor compared with the sour cream I typically use to make banana bread. I have a feeling it's going to be great, and I plan to have a slice along with a cup of tea as I continue re-reading "At Home in Mitford" once I get "at home in Newnan."


  1. I would definitely have paid $75 for this event...oh, to be rich enough to fly to any event I wanted to attend:)
    Miss Janice

  2. I have the Mitford Cookbook and there isn't a bad recipe in the bunch - Puny's chicken and dumplings are to die for! I could eat the whole pot myself. The banana bread sounds good on this cool day in southern PA, I just may have to make some when I get home later. Oh, to be in Blowing Rock this weekend....

  3. I'm with miss janice here...oh, to be rich enough to fly to any event I wanted to attend...your trip sounded wonderful, Angela. If I had all the money in the world, this is where I would be Saturday night! (Mind you tea is not mentioned in the article, but once I saw the headline, I sure had to immediately go make a pot in order to read it!)
    You have to cut and paste the link, I think:

    Now, having a cup of tea and listening to Van Cliburn is always a highlight of any day for me!


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