Monday, September 24, 2007

The Perfect Measuring Spoons

Welcome to the first Monday of fall, y'all! You may notice throughout the day that our header photographs on the blog are changing to celebrate the new season. (A special thanks to the lovely Deberah here at the office who so brilliantly gussies up this blog!)

I didn't really spend a lot of time on my "tea life" this weekend, but I do have two small things to share. First, my husband and I were on the way to see family in Gainesville and stopped at a grocery store for some takeout chicken. While he got the groceries, I popped into a little gift shop next door called The Perfect Gift. I absolutely loved this shop! I found a Christmas present for my aunt, and the world's cutest measuring spoons for me. You know how sometimes, you see one of those gotta-have-it items? This set of spoons was one of those times, and I imagine I'll keep these forever. They're pewter, have a nice heft, and another little detail I just love: while the bowl of the tablespoon has a rose design, the back of this spoon has a teapot on it. I love that someone took the time to so thoughtfully design it this way. (I Googled these when I got home since they had no mark on them, and apparently they are made by Ganz, if any of you want to get a set yourself.)

Finally, did any of you watch the Ken Burns documentary "The War" last night? I thought it was quite good, and while I watched, I embroidered that first tea towel with a pretty fern green color. I haven't done plain old embroidery in a while, so I was very pleased with how this turned out!


  1. Yes, the new header is really nice. Now I guess it's time to change out the bedroom linens next. Thanks for the reminder.
    Great find on the spoons.
    No, didn't watch the documentary...was it good? Can you really watch and embroider at the same time...from the looks of your embroidery I'd have to say it had your full attention. Does this mean that you are one of those multitasking people? Tell you what, next time you have a special you're gonna' watch and embroider by, let us know ahead of time...I could at least pull my knitting out for it! Of course the tea tray will be on the coffee table.

  2. OK, Gwendol, I have to admit I was "listening" to the documentary more than I was watching. But hey, I ended up with a tea towel for my trouble!


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