Thursday, September 6, 2007

Peach teas & a peachy cake

At my morning wedding last year, I had a wedding tea reception with tea sandwiches and finger foods (a favorite was miniature apricot tea breads shaped like roses), tea punch, and a tea-flavored wedding cake. The vintage rose colored cake was flavored with Ginger Peach Tea and had Peach Cream filling. (It was important that the fondant color be "vintage rose" and not just "pink." Think Julie Roberts in Steel Magnolias: "My colors are Blush and Bashful.") Before I became a bride, I had always wondered about that tradition of freezing the top layer of the cake to enjoy on the first anniversary. With my own cake, I was certainly willing to try it.

Never again will I have to wait an entire year just to eat a piece of cake! After the wedding last year, one of the many girlfriend angels who helped with the reception carefully packaged the top layer. It was in the freezer when I got home from our honeymoon, and for a year I have looked at it and wondered, "Could this possibly have any taste at all after being frozen for a year? Won't the fondant be reduced to powdery dust?"

My husband and I spent last weekend at the lake house of some friends, and I had brought along the wedding cake since our first anniversary would be spent there. On anniversary morning, I got the cake out of the refrigerator where I'd placed it to thaw and carefully cut a slice. I got him to take the first bite. Well? He assured me it was still good, nice and moist, and I was so pleased. Thus began a tea and cake theme that has gone on all week. And to sip with that cake? Harney's Peaches and Ginger tea and Twinings Peach Black Tea. (The Twinings tea, I was pleased to see, is now in a fully sealed wrapper, a la the Bigelow tea bags.) A piece of wedding cake and a cup of hot peach tea makes for an enjoyable, if very limited edition, teatime treat!


  1. What a gorgeous cake! I would just love to have a bite while sipping some of that peach tea...peach tea-infused...oh, it sounds delightful! Us Georgia girls have to have our peaches.:)
    Miss Janice

  2. The pictures of your cake makes me want to do my wedding again just to have that beautiful cake! I am glad you had the joy of tasting it a second time. Even if it didn't taste good, it looked so wonderful! Just wondering was the recipe your idea? Happy First Anniversary!

  3. Hello,

    What a cool idea for a wedding, tea reception, and then a fun, tea 1st anniversary! And the picture of the cake is beautiful!

    I hope you're anniversary was wonderful and that you'll have many more to come.


  4. That is a great idea! I was planning something like that for our wedding and I even found some lovely flowering teas that I am using for table centerpieces. They call them tea drops because you just drop them in the pot and watch tem brew and open up. I found that once they are brewed, you remove them from the hot water and put them in a large crystal glass or bowl in room temperature water and they will look beautiful and last several days.

  5. Just realized I failed to answer a question about this post from "Anonymous." Actually, the tea-infused cake was the baker's idea, not mine. She knew I'm a big tea fan, so of course I was thrilled with her suggestion!


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