Monday, September 17, 2007

A New Tea Infuser that Works!

This weekend I found some wonderful new tea goodies at a Homegoods store (that's the T.J. Maxx sister store that is like T.J. without all the clothes and pocketbooks). Chief on my list of favorite new finds is the Tovolo Tea Infuser.

I'd read about this infuser, but you know my rule: never pay retail. So finding the $10 infuser for $5.99 at Homegoods was just dandy. They had it in three colors: an olive green, a deep ruby red and a deep jeweltone purple. No pink? Mercy me! So I settled on the olive green because at least it matches the leaves on the roses on most of my teacups.

Tea gadgets fascinate me, and infusers are my favorites because they come in so many designs and - if they actually work - they are both thrifty and environmentally-friendly; you're not wasting even a teabag to make that cup of tea. This infuser worked flawlessly! The stainless steel part of the bulb unscrewed from the polycarbonate handle effortlessly. Yet once I added my tea leaves, I found it was quite secure with a simple flick of the wrist. But most of all, I was thrilled to find no floating bits of leaf in my teacup! So now, of course, I wish I'd bought the Tovolo Tea Infuser in all three colors, even though I don't have a purple teacup and probably never will. (Note to Tovolo: Could you guys consider making the infusers in pastels? And if you do, please go ahead and kindly send a few to the discount stores!)


  1. good morning,
    Love your blog.
    When we lived in Ireland,long ago, there was a custom of reading ones fortune in the tea leaves left in the bottom of the cup. Rather like looking at clouds in the sky and seeing images. I thought you wound be interested. Heddy

  2. I also found this infuser at TJ Maxx. I am glad you featured it because I have not yet used it. Glad to know it works well.


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