Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Tea Infuser #2

Breakfast this morning: Homemade (by a friend) Muscadine Jelly on wheat toast and a cup of Scottish Breakfast Tea. Yum! And to make that cup of tea, I used another new tea infuser. The Tovolo Tea Infuser I got over the weekend remains my favorite because it works so flawlessly and is beautifully designed. But a well-deserved Honorable Mention in the "tea infuser design" category goes to the "jo!e" Trend Tea Porcelain Tea Infuser. Don't you love the cute little tin this is packaged in?

I stood in the aisle at that Homegoods store and opened the top to find this three-piece gadget inside. The porcelain tea infuser itself screws together easily, and the little white knob and chain can be used to lower the infuser into your teacup.

After the tea has steeped a while, you can place the infuser ball into the porcelain cup. When the infuser doesn't have tea leaves in it, the chain drops neatly into the infuser ball. This clever little piece measures about 3 inches tall, and the website listed on the tin is, although I didn't see this particular infuser on the Tea and Coffee portion of their site. (I don't know the retail price, but I can tell you it set me back a whopping $3.99 at Homegoods. Cool, huh?)


  1. what an adorable diffuser! thanks for sharing! hugs from leslie

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