Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harvesting new Johnson Bros. dishes

"Hello. My name is Angela, and I'm a dish-a-holic."

You know, it's not like I go out LOOKING for a new set of dishes, but sometimes there is simply no other choice. There's a lovely new antique mall in town I've taken to visiting every couple of weeks or so. About a month ago, I was wandering to the back of the store, empty-handed I should point out, when I saw this little whatnot shelf covered with old ironstone. Hmmm, some Johnson Brothers, maybe? I love Johnson Brothers. Their "Rose Chintz" design is on my everyday dishes.

There was a three-tiered server (mint condition) with a hangtag on it, and it said $22.50 for set. Excuse me? That's $22.50 for the three-tiered server, the coffee pot (repairs to lid, but still quite presentable), eight cups and saucers, more than eight dessert plates, a creamer and sugar bowl (with lid!), almost all in absolutely perfect condition. (I start mentally ironing the linens for a fall tea party.) But nah. Can't be. The seller must mean $22.50 for the set of three plates that make up the three-tiered server. But maybe not ...

Me to Nice Antique Store Lady: "Excuse me. I have a question."

NASL: "Yes?"

Me: "Um, there's this set of dishes back there, and the pricetag on the three-tiered server says $22.50 for the set. I just want to make sure they mean the entire set of dishes."

NASL (very apologetically): "Now, they're SUPPOSED to put reasonable prices on all their stuff. If that's too much ..."

Me: "Oh, no! That's not it. I don't have a problem with the price, I just want to make sure that really is for everything back there."

(I know, I have violated one of the major rules of bargain shopping. You're not supposed to question a good deal. Just grab it and go. But I couldn't believe the deal and had to inquire.)

"Harvest Time. Made in England. A Genuine Hand Engraving. Johnson Bros. Ironstone."

Gasoline to go to antique store: $2.73 a gallon.

Vintage dishes perfect for fall: $22.50

Finding the deal of the season: Priceless!


  1. Angela, I swear by heaven and all that is holy these owners must see you from a distance coming down the road...You say it's not so...BUT...anyone with this sort of luck would have absolutely no choice except to be a dishaholic. Now my only remaining question is how much it's gonna' cost for the teapot you'll have to get for the set? I do believe your shopping tales beat any fish tale the guys could tell. Besides that, you have more credibility with the photos! You've made my day!

  2. Hurray for you!!! I love it when that happens - you feel as if you just won the lottery!! You've inspired me to head to my local antique mall at lunch today, maybe I'll find a treasure!

  3. Gwendol, your comments made me laugh -- and yes, I'm already stalking eBay for the matching teapot!

    And Monica, I say ... GO! GO! GO! (And please report back if you find a treasure!)

  4. Angela,you won't believe this,but my daughter collects JB. Ya'll need to compare sometime.

  5. I think we're soul-sisters! I have way too many dishes b/c the thrift stores around here are so great!!!!!


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