Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Cup and Saucer Bookmark

Any time I visit a new town square I hope to return with something for the tea cabinet, but sometimes you come up empty. Yesterday's shopping was not overly productive, but the visit was certainly memorable all the same.

My friend and I stopped by a coffee shop on the town's square and had some OK coffee drinks and the worst scone you can imagine. I was going to cut it and split it with my friend, but the knife crashed into the plate and sent crumbs flying along the table because the scone was so stale. I finally broke off crumbs with my hand, and my giggling friend pointed out that if you pretended it was biscotti, it wasn't so bad. Funny!

But never let it be said I leave a new town without a souvenir. I found this cute cup and saucer bookmark for $1.25. Isn't that design clever? I love the "steam" swirls made of wire. The pretty paper and vellum tag has actual stitching on it (a nice touch), and these are available online at (But not, alas, for $1.25. They're $4.99, but still very cute!)

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