Monday, July 15, 2019

Teatime finds from Meijer

Several years ago, I went in my first Meijer supercenter, and I just loved it. We don't have those in the South, so when a Meijer opened near my stepdaughter's home in Green Bay a few years ago, I was happy to realize I can now visit it at least once or twice a year. Last week, I checked out their tea selections and went home with this Sweet Slumber Chamomile Mint herbal tea. At just $1.99 for the box of 20 tea bags, I figured I wasn't taking too big of a risk if I didn't care for it.

I don't often see teas flavored with chamomile, and this combo appealed to me. I was impressed that the tea bags were individually packaged, which is not always the case, especially with less-expensive teas. And I'm happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh-tasting minty chamomile tea.

And that's not all I found! Like most writers I know, I am addicted to pens and paper, so I was delighted to find these little 5 x 7-inch notebooks for just $1.49. (If you live in Meijer territory, there is also a pink one in this design family, but I'm just drawn to blues and greens lately.) So if you're a regular Meijer shopper, consider yourself lucky and know that some of your Southern sisters consider shopping there a real treat!


  1. Being one of your Southern sisters, I have not had the opportunity to shop at a Meijer store, but I'm glad you did! That tea sounds interesting and the price was certainly right. And those are cute notebooks, I'm sure you'll fill them up before long.

  2. I've never been to a Meijer's, but I'll have to look for one when I travel to the North.
    I'm not a fan of chamomile tea myself, but the added mint probably helped it taste better. I do like the individually-packaged tea bags, as that keeps them fresher and makes them easy to carry around.
    I love pens and paper, too, and I agree that those are cute notebooks!


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